Do you want a High Performing Team? Then start with this Audit.

It would be naive to think that recent health, work, and pandemic concerns hasn’t had a profound impact on our work performance. Of course it does…

So now more than ever, this is an essential area of focus for any business.

This is an area I have been actively looking at in recent months. Whilst my business Overnight.Design would traditionally be thought of as a design agency, what we’re known best for is delivering Stress-Free-Presentations and I’m very proud of that. By outsourcing their business document and powerpoint designs to us our clients on average get a productivity boost of over 300%. Not shabby.

Have you taken the Team Performance Scorecard yet?

Big announcement!

With wellbeing and optimal performance in-mind we’ve teamed up with the awesome guys and girls at Stress Org & International Wellbeing Insights, big shout-outs to Neil Shah, Duncan Rzysko, and Jessica Ayre – we simply could not have done this without you.

Together we have created on the online tool > the Team Performance Scorecard.

Team Performance Scorecard

If you want to optimise your Team’s Performance then you must first start with an audit. As Neil said in our recent interview, even the most advanced GPS system needs to know where-you-are before it can guide you to where you want to go.

So you need to start with an audit. And together that’s what we have created for you.

Team Performance interview: Ash Pemberton & Neil Shah talk with Simon K Williams

Team Performance Online Audit. Here’s what you will get-

  • Get instant audit on your Team’s Performance
  • Learn which specific areas you need to focus on
  • What your best next steps are
  • And if you act fast – it’s Free to use 🙂

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