Just look at their faces…

And you should see mine as I write this post, I am also grinning from ear to ear.

This photo shows our Design Team enjoying a well-deserved break from work on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. The huge spread of food on the table was kindly donated by Oxford Strategic Marketing our biggest and longest serving client.

As the owner of the business, I was a little concerned to tell our clients that we were closing the office for 5 days and all the designers were going on a break at the same time, together.

This is not normal, staggering individual holidays is the norm.

“This picture represents everything we stand for in business.”

Ashley Pemberton

What I received back from Oxford absolutely filled me with joy…

A massive thank you to the people at Oxford, who when they found out that we were closing the office for 5 days to treat our staff to company retreat donated a sizeable chunk of money to help fund the initiative.

This picture represents everything we stand for in business.

  1. Promoting a healthy work life balance
  2. Enjoying time away from our screens and devices
  3. Feeling part of team, caring and supporting each other
  4. Developing a strong bond with the people you work with
  5. Working for great clients and enjoying the benefits of doing so

Allow me to explain the backstory…

We are a happy team of graphic designers based in Chiang Mai, Thailand working for a handful of quite brilliant global marketers that serve large corporations. We are proud to put our clients’ needs before our own. We are in business to serve and support people, to re-energise and delight them with our efforts.

We know our clients’ job can be incredibly stressful and our mission is to reduce that burden by being a dependable design resource that is flexible, helpful and very much part of their internal team, despite being based on the other side of the world.

We serve busy marketers with overnight design, we work while they sleep, knowing that in the morning their design tasks will have been completed and returned ready for the start of their big day.