One Million PowerPoint Slides

Our massive design milestone has been achieved and announced on the company video call.


My name is Ashley Pemberton. I’m the founder of Overnight Design. We are based in Chiang Mai Thailand. We’ve been designing presentations and pitch decks for the last 10 years for some of the biggest and best brands in the world.

– I’m Jason. I’m the general manager of OD.

– Hi, I’m Bee. I’m the office manager.

– Hi, my name is Proud, and I am the administrator of this office.

– Hi, I’m Lin. I am a graphic designer.

– Hi, I’m Toto, working as a graphic designer.

– Hello, my name is Drive. I’m a designer.

– Hello, my name is Am. And I work as a designer here.

– Hi, I’m Bo. graphic designer team.

– Hello, my name Yim, working for graphic designer.

So thank you all very much for joining me on our team zoom call. I have a bit of a special announcement that I would like to tell you all. So the announcement that I would like to make and that I am incredibly proud to announce is as follows…

Collectively, over the last 11 years we have worked out, that as a team all together…. Here we go….

We have managed to successfully design 1 million PowerPoints slides.

Back in 2006, I started work for OxfordSM who have been a quite prolific client for us.

And you can see on there, that’s a, that’s a flip chart and this is exactly the type of thing I would originally start typing in that you guys have seen so many of over the years. What I think this reflects is our ability to be flexible and to work the way that our clients want us to work. And again, you guys have carried that on and make me incredibly proud with your adaptability and your flexibility of service.

So one, one other slightly more serious slide here is I just want to tell you a little bit about life as a PowerPoint Designer. Every day you wake up and you’re up, you’re on deadlines, sometimes maybe five or 10, or, you know, on a busy day as a team, 20 deadlines that we’ve got to hit every single day.

You’re under pressure, it can be quite lonely, it can be stressful if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing, and there’s no way that you could have continued to do this job for this amount of time if you didn’t work as a team and if you didn’t support each other, and that really has become like the principle, the founding principle of you guys and, and our company philosophy, you know, the end game really is to improve the results for our clients to take away their stresses, their pressures, their headaches, and that really has become our company mantra, our company philosophy. And that’s what I’m so proud that you guys have picked up and run with beyond actually my wildest expectations.

The company itself, PowerPoint Designers was formed 11 years ago by myself and Kimmy.

My first employee was Jason Manning, who has turned out to be the ultimate right-hand man and the ultimate business manager under his supervision and guidance, we’ve really become quite an effective team and quite a brilliant company, that once clients start working with us, they stay with us.

And that really is credit to Jason and you guys.

We have evolved into being called Overnight Design is what a lot of our big tech clients call us. So that’s the name that we’ve adapted. Now, more than 50% of our work is no longer in PowerPoint.

We’ve evolved into videos, into animations, into e-learning, into webinars, into designing zoom calls like this, um, what the future holds, to be honest, I’m not quite sure, you know, we’ve always been adaptable.

We’ve always been flexible, but one thing is for sure we have to continue with our values as a company, we have to continue supporting each other as a team and removing stress from our client’s lives to improve their results so that they’re energised and they’re fresh and they’re ready and they start their working day and we’ve worked through the night and we’ve delivered something brilliant for them.

You know, it justifies all the hard work that they put into their content.

We design it and we make it look fantastic. And, and it really does make a tremendous difference to their, to their lives actually, as well as their success rates, their conversion rates and their kind of retention of their clients and their business. So that’s it really, I just wanted to say a massive, thank you.

It’s quite staggering that we’ve done a million slides together. It’s something that I’m really quite proud of and that I’m very happy to shout out about. So as a gift to you guys, we’ve ordered a special cake and I’d like you to now take five minutes away from this call and enjoy a slice and reflect on a job well done.



1,000,000 million powerpoint slides


1,000,000 million powerpoint slides