We’re back – and it’s time to design!

The Overnight Design team just got back from their annual retreat, this year to Taipei, Taiwan. Chosen for its incredible sights, delicious street food, colourful local markets, street art, and amazing shops and stalls unlike anything the team had seen back home in Chiang Mai.

There was so much to see the team split up and organised themselves around what they wanted to do in such a short time. Quickly Bee, Drive, Lin, Toto and Opal were out walking the city wanting to see as much as they could on foot, taking in the sights slowly but surely.


That just left Min, Yim and Am to figure out how they were going to spend their time… True to form Am was up at 7am, knocking on doors and doing his best to hustle everyone out on time! Only to receive grunts and groans from a team of little sleepers in their rooms. After an hour of banging on pots and pans, setting and resetting alarms, Am won out. Everyone was up, coffee in one hand and map in the other at 8am ready for a full and productive day. Opal even acheived an enormous 20,000 steps in one day! From this day on she will be known as Queen of the Zoomies.

Even on holiday the Overnight Design team efficiently organises themselves, spreads the load and looks after eachother every step of the way. All 20,000 of them. They dont even sleep in when they have a break!

We’re back, coffee’s in hand, and PowerPoint in the other.

A huge thanks to all our clients who continually support Overnight Design, allowing us to take these opportunities to see the world and broaden our knowledge.

We’re back – and it’s time to design!