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Entrepreneur, business owner and dad. Leading the healthy work revolution. Known for delivering stress-free presentations to corporations.

Happy International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women around the world. It is a time to recognize the challenges that women have faced and continue to face in their quest for equality. It is also a moment to embrace equity and strive towards creating a world where everyone has a fair chance to succeed based on their abilities...

PowerPoint design agency


The best PowerPoint design agency. Where can you find the quality of presentation creation and design services your company needs? We pride ourselves on being the best presentation design agency around. We have worked with some of the biggest companies and their feedback suggests that our skills and services will deliver your project on time, with the quality that you deserve.   CARPE NOCTEM –...

We’re back and we’re HUNGRY!


As a reward for the team’s dedication and hard work Overnight Design likes to send the staff on an annual retreat. We are an agency of hungry, young Thai designers that services international companies, and our clients expect the most current designs and up to the minute awareness of trends and styles… there is no better way to know this than by exploring the world. After some discussion and a...

Do you want a High Performing Team? Then start with this Audit.

Team Performance Audit

It would be naive to think that recent health, work, and pandemic concerns hasn’t had a profound impact on our work performance. Of course it does… So now more than ever, this is an essential area of focus for any business. This is an area I have been actively looking at in recent months. Whilst my business Overnight.Design would traditionally be thought of as a design agency, what we’re...

One Million PowerPoint Slides

1 million powerpoint slides -

Our massive design milestone has been achieved and announced on the company video call. TRANSCRIPT OF THE VIDEO: My name is Ashley Pemberton. I’m the founder of Overnight Design. We are based in Chiang Mai Thailand. We’ve been designing presentations and pitch decks for the last 10 years for some of the biggest and best brands in the world. – I’m Jason. I’m the...

Talking presentations on the Pitchin’ Aint Easy podcast

Mikey Mioduski from GhostRanch Communications

In this podcast, Ashley Pemberton talks to Mikey Mioduski, from GhostRanch Communications, on how he got started in the presentation industry, why and how we serve our clients, and what the future might hold for the industry. Here you can listen to a conversation with the founders of two different presentation design agencies with different offerings and a lot in common. Ash runs an overnight...

My big escape to the beach for a digital detox

Ash Pemberton digital detox

Hi, Ashley here. You can probably see I’m on a rather nice deserted beach here in Ko Pha Ngan. I’ve taken myself away for a few days. Ash escapes We’ve actually shut the entire office down. I felt this was really important post-COVID, where everyone has been striving to work, to be connected and to be online as much as possible. Thanks to my super flexible team, we’ve got...

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