Am – Senior Designer

“Discover the creative soul behind our stunning designs”, let me introduce Am!

he can let colors speak

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain to introduce one of our creative minds who brings fresh energy to our agency with his passion and skills every day!

Since his teenage years, he has been enthusiastically editing photos and immersing himself in the world of design.

His high school days? Deep diving into the design club, first encounters with Photoshop, and the beginning of a love for creative designing that lasts to this day.

His highlight with us? Definitely the project for Mondelez!

Because Mondelez, with its flexible guidelines, provides room for creativity. Here, he can let colors speak and make his ideas dance on the slides.

His work process is straight forward: get an overview, sort the layouts in his head, and then – get on with it!

His mantra: Don’t overthink, just do! If it needs to be more creative, he switches to Adobe programs and then fine-tunes the results in PowerPoint, always keeping an eye on the brand guidelines and using smart shortcuts for efficient working. His ultimate tip for all consultants out there: Use more icons! Icons bring power to every presentation and make it come alive. I’m super proud to have such a creative talent on our team! His passion and drive are contagious and pushes us all!


Senior Designer


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