Opal – Administrator

Today, I want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at Overnight Design and introduce you to Opal, our indispensable Office Assistant!

Opal is the linchpin of our office

Opal is the linchpin of our office, and throughout her career, she has learned that clear and confident communication is the key to success. With her straightforward and precise way of addressing things, she keeps not only our office but also the communication flowing smoothly.

Our office in Chiang Mai is a melting pot of cultures and characters, and this is precisely reflected in Opal’s work ethic. The city, a fascinating blend of old and new, offers countless opportunities for self-expression with its architecture, music, and many public spaces. This environment inspires Opal daily, making her approach her tasks with joy and enthusiasm.

Opal’s workspace is dynamic and vibrant, sometimes stressful, but always exciting. Despite tight deadlines, the workday always ends on time, and when things get particularly hectic, Opal can rely on her team that supports and sticks together.


How does our Office Assistant unwind after a busy day? With a good dose of anime, gripping dramas, soothing music, and deep conversations with understanding individuals. And of course, delicious food is a must, as for Opal, it’s more than just nourishment – it’s comfort for the soul. I’m incredibly proud to have Opal on our team. Her positive energy, passion, and commitment are a daily inspiration for all of us.



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