Lin – Designer & Animator

What Lin wouldn't tell anyone else. “Design with heart and mind – our trendsetter in portrait!”

A Gem within our Design Agency

Today, I want to introduce you to Lin, a gem within our Design Agency, whose story is as inspiring as her designs!

Lin’s greatest success with us? It’s the sparkle in our clients’ eyes and their positive feedback after seeing her work! For Lin, the satisfaction of our clients means the world.

Lin resides in Chiang Mai, a city known not only for its breathtaking nature but also for its relaxed atmosphere. No traffic jams, no stress – this allows Lin to fully concentrate and unleash her creativity at work. Compared to her life in Bangkok, where she was always racing against time,

Chiang Mai enables her to recharge her creative batteries to the fullest.

What does Lin love most about working for our consultants? Every day brings small victories!

Our consultants provide her with the opportunity to create something new daily. She contemplates design and layout, crafting presentations that truly leave an impression. And how does Lin stay current? Social media and various websites are her go-to sources for the latest design trends. But Lin doesn’t draw inspiration from design content alone. A good movie can offer her new perspectives on layouts, and an engaging book can spark new ideas for typography. Everything she sees and learns flows into her work, making her designs unique and fresh. I’m proud to have Lin on our team. Her passion and commitment are contagious, making our agency a more creative and dynamic place! If you want to know more about Lin or about our work, just ask your questions. I’ll be happy to answer them for you. Cheers, Ash Pemberton


Designer & Animator


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