Bee – studio Manager

“From Chiang Mai to the world: Our design traveler Bee tells her story!”

Bringing some glow to your feed today

Bringing some glow to your feed today, meet Bee, one of our creative powerhouses at Overnight Design!

Bee chills in Chiang Mai, where life is easy and vibes are good. Surrounded by family and her fur babies, she finds the perfect atmosphere for creative flights of fancy.

Over the years, not only has her skillset evolved, but so has her style. Bee has a knack for seamlessly blending into our clients’ brands while always adding a touch of Bee-Magic.

“Superheroes” from Sanofi was more than just a project for Bee. It was a journey where she could fully live out her creativity and also build a deep connection with our colleague Am. Together, they created magic that not only dazzled our clients, but Bee herself.

When Bee isn’t found at the drawing board, she’s on the road. Discovering new places, learning new things – that’s her jam. Each journey, each adventure brings new inspiration that she incorporates into her designs.

I’m super stoked to have Bee on our team.

Her spirit, her skills, and her endless creativity are a daily booster for all of us!




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