Yim – Designer

Meet Yim, Our Creative Powerhouse

one of our outstanding designers

As the founder of Overnightdesign, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by talented minds. Today, I want to shine a spotlight on Yim, one of our outstanding designers.

Yim has a special passion for design challenges, especially when it comes to creating SUSE cards for festivals. Her enthusiasm for selecting images and illustrations, combined with her creativity and adherence to our clients’ guidelines, makes every project an exciting and unique venture.

Her design style?

Flexible and brand-conscious. Yim excels at marrying personal creativity with our clients’ brand guidelines.

She understands that great design must reflect the brand identity while also being innovative.

Working in an international agency? For Yim, this means presenting her creations to a global audience. Our international clients provide the platform for her to showcase her work on the world stage. And how does she balance work and creativity? Yim prioritises our clients’ brand guidelines and then adds her creative touch. This balance of adherence to guidelines and creative freedom is what makes her work stand out. I’m incredibly proud to have Yim in our team. Her dedication, flexibility, and creative flair are a true asset to us and our clients.




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