Nut – Junior Designer

Spotlight on Nut, Our Dynamic Graphic Designer

our brilliant graphic designer

Today I am delighted to introduce Nut, one of our brilliant graphic designers. His journey in the design world is as inspiring as his work.

Nut began his career unconventionally.

Originally trained in software programming, he soon realised that his true passion lay in graphic design. This bold move to pursue his passion has made him the outstanding designer he is today.

One of his strengths is effective communication with clients.

Nut’s secret?

Captivating presentations that are precisely tailored to the needs and wishes of the clients. He understands how to convey ideas visually in a way that not only informs but also excites.

The most challenging project for Nut?

That was ‘Triggers’. Here, he took full responsibility – from the creation of templates and design presentations to deep diving into the brand world of the client.

His dedication and willingness to continuously learn and implement feedback are exemplary.

For Nut, it’s the YouTube channel ‘Benny Production’, a treasure trove of Adobe artworks and techniques.

He is particularly fascinated by how drawings on paper are brought to life through Adobe programmes.

Nut is an invaluable member of our team. His commitment, creativity, and ability to embrace challenges make him a valuable asset to our company.



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